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Get a chance to win FREE BTC

If you’re looking for a way to earn Bitcoin for FREE these days where everyone is talking Bitcoin,btclottery24.net the site is what you are looking for. There is also a chance to spend fun time and win bitcoin with the games played on the site, as well as the lottery feature, and it is possible to win a reasonable amount of money, i.e. free bitcoin, by inviting your friends.

Bitcoin is rising significantly every day, with the certainty that 1 Bitcoin will surpass 12 thousand dollars in 2020. So winning Bitcoin for free up to 1Btc is a really nice opportunity.

btclottery24.net his site has been on the air since 2018 and they pay regularly so far. It has given its members the chance to win thousands of bitcoins in total.

The best part is it’s free, so there’s nothing to lose. So it’s not like a lot of rogue Bitcoin sites.

In this article btclottery24.net and we’ll show you how to make money.

There are several ways to earn free Bitcoin on this site, but the most popular is FREE BTC, free BITCOIN.

But of course, you must first create an account before you can start winning.

free bitcoin

You can register here for FREE.

After typing your email and a password you will specify, just enter the letters Captcha and click the SIGN up button.Once you have created your account you can now earn Bitcoin

About BTCLottery24

As BTCLOTTERY24 we offer you the best entertainment games. With Crypto money infrastructure you can play games of chance in a safe and fast way. All information is confidential and strictly not shared with other companies or individuals as required by our Company policy. You can play games of chance as safe, recommend to friends and have lots of fun. Bitcoin Lottery 24h provides platform service for playing games of chance, provides information confidentiality and performs transactions through completely secure servers. Start playing now to have fun!
  • Fully secure access
  • Fast Crypto Money Transfer
  • Fun games
  • Easy payment options
Why Choose Us?
We make playing the world’s largest lotteries easy and fun,
1.Fully secure access
2.Fast Crypto Money Transfer
3.Fun games
4.Easy payment options

Bitcoin Lottery:play lotto with bitcoin is not different from normal lottos. thing which you should do to play lotto is choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49,1 to 49 including. if you do not want to select one by one,you can use the automatic coupon manufacturer. ıf you want to play multiple coupons at a time,you can use automatic manufacturer on the left. we share with you our codes, you can check the transparency of the draw.the raffle, is made in every block found in the blockhain system.

  • coupon allowence is returned 3 attaching to the user
  • 4 attaching to the user is given 3 percent of the amaunt of bitcoin accumulated in the pool
  • 5 attaching to yhe user is given accumulated in the pool

Luck Numbers:

lucky numbers luck game completely a transparent and luck-based game. there are 10.000 pes 4 digit figures in this game. you can buy as may numbers as you want. it is raffled once a day in utc time one. as a result of the lottery,the winning number will be transferred aoutomatically to the total amount of bitcoin collected in the pool. the sale of the lucky number between 23:00 and 01:00 according to utc time will automatically closed. we share with you our codes,you can check the transparency of the draw.

Dice Game:


Bitcoin Dice game is completely a luck-based game. logic is very simple in this game against the system. throw away large dice and take double the amount of bitcoins you deposit

Final Number Prediction Game.

Guessing game is a game based entirely on luck. A block of 65 digits is generated in the blockchain network If you estimate and hold the last digit of this 65-digit hash, you will receive your reward.

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